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Private sessions allow me to listen and to see what will help you be more comfortable. Drawing on a deep storehouse of unfamiliar movement sequences, we either do table work or you move slowly to verbal instructions. Either way, you will pay close attention, rest often, and learn how to reintegrate dormant connections, forgotten but not lost.

Table Work  (FI)

Your job on the table is to try to relax completely, allow yourself to be moved in specific ways, and to notice what is easy and what is chronically held. There is no forcing. Working together in this way, we can unlock deeply ingrained patterns that have been causing you pain and holding you back.

Correcting Chronic Holding Patterns

You may have a  specific request, such as improving on a musical instrument, slowing the symptoms of Parkinson's or other degenerative diseases, or meeting your goals in walking, running, or any other sport. Feldenkrais® is designed to find out what hinders you and add grace, ease and staying power to your goal.

Verbally Directed Work  (ATM)

Another aspect of the private work is hundreds of verbally directed movements that are designed to release unconscious holding patterns and reawaken communication throughout the whole body. Illness, injury, misunderstandings, trauma ... all may have contributed to your difficulties over time. We work together to make  things easy again.

Private Work

I had heard of Feldenkrais for years but only tried it because I was getting ready for a walking  trip overseas. Over several visits, Jane used a series of precise and gentle touches and stretches to open tight places in my back, neck and shoulders, and to free my hips.The exercises she suggested worked really well to keep me mobile and comfortable--I walked as much as 5 miles a day on cobblestoned streets without feeling any discomfort. Once the pandemic ends, I'll be back for more.


Ellen B., age 72