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Exercises for easing Stress Incontinence


CD version $40 +

$5  shipping

If you are one of the 25 million women in this country who suffer the embarrassment and discomfort of urinary leakage from laughing, sneezing, coughing, lifting and exercising, then these CDs can help you. They are a first line of defense against the narrowing of engagement with life due to stress incontinence

These CDs or MP3s are also very useful for those women who are pregnant or recovering from childbirth, have hemorrhoids, constipation, some forms of prolapse, lack of feeling or sexual vitality – or are healing from sexual abuse. They are a gentle, yet highly effective way to unwind from ongoing stress.

These exercises are a safe, slow exploration in healing movement and anyone can do them. Tracks from the set include: Seated anatomy of the pelvic floor; Slow-motion sneeze in sitting; Connecting feet to the pelvic floor; Walking on the wall, and more!

You'll find that they are also excellent for common ailments such as low back pain, breathing, problems, and leg, knee and hip pain.  By regularly doing these exercises, many people report feeling increased confidence and a regained sense of personal strength. Everything improves as overused muscles learn to calm down and underused ones balance out – allowing the transmission of movement and energy throughout the entire system.



"These CD’s absolutely worked to bring me back to normal, from both incontinence and a prolapsed uterus.  It was even a pleasure to do the exercises and made perfect sense to my body.  I am beyond grateful."

Cindy B.