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Classes  and Workshops


During these difficult times of COVID-19, all classes and workshops have been suspended. I look forward to resuming my in-person work when it is safe to do so.


Meanwhile, take a look at some of my past popular classes and workshops!

The Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is working all the time, either to our advantage or not. Imbalances side to side, front to back, too tight, too loose …all reflect our history as well as our comfort and balance going forward in this life. Because we’re not necessarily used to sensing ourselves from the inside, strains in this area go


unnoticed and cause problems that are obvious, like incontinence and prolapse in women and perhaps even prostate difficulties for men. In this class, you’ll find new connections through your internal sensing and learn what you need for more ease and comfort in these incredible bodies of ours. 

Sitting Pretty

We all do a lot of sitting…a lot, especially these days.  In this workshop, we will do slow and interesting movement sequences, done in sitting and standing, that will enliven the spine, get the blood circulating, wake up the muscles of the whole body, and get us ready to either do more sitting or get up and go with more ease.  No part of us is left out in sitting and we address everything, giving you ways to refresh, stay comfortable, and do what needs doing  without bodily distraction. 

Meditation in Movement

The Feldenkrais Method® is at its core meditation in movement.  It uses our conscious awareness as its primary tool.  We stay tuned to just what we’re doing in slowed-down movements and notice how these movements effect us.  We become aware of shifts in body, breath, and in our thought.  We begin to feel that relaxation is happening with very little effort.  As the body becomes more integrated and less tense and the nervous system more relaxed, the mind settles naturally and trust builds in the whole process.