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About Feldenkrais


It’s not so much about repetition or strengthening as it is about curiosity, sensing, and awareness.

Interesting movements are done slowly and with deep attention and staying within your limits. 

Old unconscious patterns unlock themselves, and a sense of ease and wholeness comes to the fore.

The nervous system repatterns itself in favor of the pleasurable alternative.

Jane Burdick, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®

The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education is based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), a pioneer in the field of neuroplasticity.  He developed thousands of slow, unusual, and surprisingly interesting movement sequences that engage the nervous system and have the overall effect of improving your movement in all you do.  The sequences are call Awareness Through Movement lessons, or ATM’s, and they are verbally directed, generally about forty five minutes long, and done in lying, sitting or standing.  This is the work that’s generally done in classes and workshops.


In addition to these lessons, you can also get a private Feldenkrais table treatment from a certified practitioner, using the same principles of moving you slowly, never beyond your capacity and yet magically increasing it.  All the lessons, whether on the table or in a class, are designed to increase your ease and range of motion, improve your flexibility and coordination, heal from even long-standing injuries, improve anything from playing a sport to playing an instrument, and find freedom and even delight in the body most often associated with childhood.