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About Jane Burdick

Right out of college I became a potter for twenty years.  I had severe back pain for that entire time.  The very first Feldenkrais® class that I did brought relief, at least temporarily, but I got it that this method could help me.  I took several classes and had private work for awhile and have not suffered since.  I had to learn this magical work!  I graduated in 1992 from a four-year training and I am still pain-free and very happy to work with people and show them how they too can recover from pain and gain comfort and ease in their bodies, no matter what their condition is.


In my approach I blend Feldenkrais® with other modalities that have all had deep meaning for me:  CrancioSacral Therapy, Body-Mind Centering® and SourcePoint Therapy®.  I work intuitively as each person needs something different in order to unlock the unconscious holding patterns that have brought them to me.  It’s also possible to do Feldenkrais® work for the simple pleasure of learning more about these miraculous bodies of ours, as well as going beyond our perceived ideas of what true comfort is.  It’s a deep pleasure for me to pass on the wisdom teachings embedded in The Feldenkrais Method®.



Listen to a podcast interview with Jane from Maine Magazine Minutes with Dr. Lisa.

"I’ve studied Feldenkrais with Jane for many years both privately and in her many workshops.  I use what I’ve learned every day and know it helps me with healthy aging."

-- Sue K.