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I have been a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® for thirty years now.  I’m still so happy to share the magic of the work with clients in private work, classes and workshops.  I’m also always learning more myself, as the Method is limitless.  Having been a potter for twenty years, back pain was a constant until I discovered Feldenkrais work.  I’ve also studied Body-Mind Centering®, Continuum®, Matrix Energetics®, and SourcePoint Therapy®, as well as anatomy in The Broad Reach of Bodywork®.  Anyone can do this work and everyone can improve, no matter what.

What is Feldenkrais?


The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Re-education is a vast series of subtle lessons in how to get out of pain, improve a skill, move with more ease, and become more present in your body.  It has a meditational quality that speaks to the nervous system without repetition or force but rather through kindness and respect.  Results are profound in the changes to our relationship with our bodies, gravity, and the world.

Classes and Workshops


Enjoy learning in small groups exactly  what you need for more ease and comfort in these incredible bodies of ours.  Bring nothing but your curiosity and your willingness to slow down and find new connections through your internal sensing and the deep pleasure of learning and improving your every-day movement patterns.

Private Sessions

Private sessions allow me to listen and to see what will help you be more comfortable.  Drawing on a deep storehouse of unfamiliar movement sequences, we either do table work  or you move subtly to verbal instructions.  Either way, you will pay close attention, rest often, and learn how to reintegrate dormant pathways, forgotten but not lost.

"Discover your body's native intelligence through novel, relaxed, pleasurable movements that have the power to transform pain into comfort and to bring you home to life in your body."
– Jane Burdick

The Feldenkrais Method

Contact Jane


Portland, Maine 

"My chronic pain is magically disappearing thanks to Jane and the Feldenkrais work we’re doing together." 

-- Ginny L

Portland, Me.