Walk in the Flow With a Free Feldenkrais Class, August 7th!

Walking the Feldenkrais® way is about coming into pain-free balance, pleasure for its own sake, and clearing the mind for better things than fear and obsessive thinking …like creativity and connection.

Before taking a walk together you’ll learn interesting and unfamiliar movement sequences that free unconscious holding patterns. As if by magic, using our senses brings us into the the body and awakens the pleasure of being alive in a moving body.

Join us for this Free Class on August 7th, 9:30 a.m., at Aikido of Maine on 226 Anderson Street in Portland.

Sponsored by Julie Poitras Santos, with a grant from SPACE Gallery through the Kindling Fund for Platform Projects/Walks. Take a look at all the offerings for early August … talks, artists exhibitions, and movement, all centered around the grand theme of WALKING.

Click here for full Platform Projects Walks calendar, August 1-12, 2016, Portland, Me.