The Pelvic Floor Workshop for all Women

This workshop is designed to give women real ways to help lift and tone the pelvic floor…through improved use of the feet and legs, spine, ribs, neck and shoulders, and easing over-worked muscles. It’s all pleasurable, easy learning in the good company of other women. And resistant problems improve greatly, like recovery from pregnancy and childbirth, incontinence, prolapse, postural misalignments, and pain of all kinds and duration. Seemingly unrelated difficulties improve and you gain more comfort and ease in everything you do. January 10, 1-5pm | February 21, 1-5pm | March 21, 1-5pm | May 23, 1-5pm | June 27, 1-5pm Cost: $85

Kripalu: Yoga and Meditation Through the Ages: A Multi-generational Women’s Retreat for Mother’s Day

Join Lama Willa Miller, Jane Burdick and three other Tibetan Yoga teachers representing five generations in this weekend retreat. Bring mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, cousins and friends for deep self-care that rejuvenates body and mind and integrates holistic healing and spiritual practice. May 7-9 | Visit to register or write to Jane Burdick with questions.


Tibetan Yoga

This yoga, developed from ancient Tibetan practices specifically for a more general public by Lama Willa Miller Choying Palmo) of the Natural Dharma Fellowship. Tibetan Yoga builds heat in the body, opens the channels , and awakens the body-mind. Energy winds and attention of mind may be brought into inseparable union. Because these practices take place in movement, they can infuse every waking move we make, and anyone can do them. This is a two-hour introduction to some of the practices in a series of ten. All who are curious are welcome. Nine Mondays, February 1 to March 29, 4:15-5:30pm Cost, $135 or $18 drop-in | Six Mondays, May 17-June 28, 4:15-5:30pm | $90 or $18 drop-in

Relax Your Body to Ease Your Pain

This 8-week class is designed for those people suffering from pain of any kind or duration who would like to learn how to break the pain/stress cycle through micro-movements, breathing, and relaxation techniques. The classes are offered through the Learning Resource Center, Maine Medical Center, Scarborough. Mondays, February 22 to April 12, 11-12:30pm | Contact: Janell Lewis, or 207-885-8570

Are You a Caregiver?

Whether you are caring for a friend, partner, parent or child, burnout is a common issue. Learn ways to replenish your body and your spirit through light and easy movement and meditation exercises that will help you fill up at your own well, manage the stress and fatigue of ongoing caregiving, and give you the energy and will to continue. Mondays, May 17-June 21 (no class May 31), 11-12:30pm | Contact: Janell Lewis, or 207-885-8570